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How it works

How does it work Technically?

1. You become a member by registering FREE on our site www.giversforum.com

2. You log into your account known as Personal Office with the login details you registered with.

3. Ask your sponsor to fund your Wallet for you by paying the value of your intending PH into his bank account, he will transfer greycoin into your Wallet if he has, if he does not, he will direct you to a member who has. (Note that you can’t do anything on your account until your Wallet is funded with greycoin).

4. You declare the willingness to donate ("Provide Help"), after which your Earnings will be rewarded with the same amount you pledged. Your money will start growing from the moment of offering the contribution at the rate of 10% per week with other bonuses (Calculation of reward occurs every day) This sum shows how much you can request for yourself after a week of making the pledge and paying out to the receiving participant.

Say you have announced willingness to provide help of N100,000. You will be rewarded in your Earnings with N100,000 and it will immediately start growing! A week later, this N100,000 will become N110,000 and in a month, it becomes N140,000. Accordingly, you will be able to request assistance for N110,000 in the first week, N120,000 in the 2nd week, N130,000 in the 3rd week and N140,000 in the 4th week. All after your pledge might have been transferred and confirmed, which is done automatically.


When you PH, your wallet is debited, Earnings is credited and starts growing @ 10% a week. It remains red until it's paid out (matched with a GH) when it turns blue, after 7days, it turns green meaning it's matured to be Ghed.

When you GH, your Earnings is debited and your wallet gets credited when there’s a matching PH and adds to the existing balance in the wallet which can either be rePHed, spent on buying goods and services from members or sold to another member to collect cash.

Please note that the use of the words 10% a week cannot be considered as a yield or interest rate since the funds were given away in goodwill, we are not earning anything anywhere (we are a mutual-aid fund), it’s purely a reward for taking a risk to help a fellow participant


Apart from weekly 10% reward, here are other ways members get rewarded in Givers Forum

Registration Bonus

When registering in the system, you get a one time reward from N1,000 to N50,000 as a token of appreciation for stepping out to help humanity (Strictly for those who make pledges immediately).

  • Donations from 20,000 earns a reward of 1,000
  • Donations from 200,000 - earns a reward of 5,000
  • Donations from 500,000 – earns a reward of 10,000
  • Donations from 1,000,000 - earns a reward 20,000
  • Donations from 2,000,000 - earns a reward 50,000

Referral Bonuses

Inviting new members into the Community is your additional contribution to its development. But nobody forces the members of the Community to invite new participants. But at the same time, understanding that the GIVERS FORUM can’t exist without people, these bonuses motivate members to take an active position and spread the good news with their contacts. Please Note that this comes with great responsibilities, bringing in new members is like standing surety for a bank customer. If such member fails to fulfill his pledge, you lose all bonuses on your earnings. So please be careful with the kind of people you allow to use your referral ID to join the community.

  • 1st generation - 10%
  • 2nd generation - 5%
  • 3rd generation - 3%
  • 4th generation - 1%

Recommendations on safe participation in Givers Forum

GIVERS FORUM is the Community where people trust and help one another. That’s why it uses a principle — “only one account for one person”. Each participant has to have own bank account. The absence of multiple accounts (when one person registers in the system several times) — is the key to dynamic and sustainable development of the Community in the future. The one who creates multiple accounts, and in this way tries to obtain additional, not provided in the rules bonuses — deceives their colleagues and friends, and in the end — themselves. Such frauds will be blocked once and for all and immediately expelled from our community! We need only honest people in the community who change the world for the better!

If you haven’t violated the rules but your account has been blocked, you should write to the Admin attaching the photo or scan of ID in order to confirm your identity. You might have been suspected of unfair participation and automatically blocked by the system. The Admin has effective tools to determine whether the accounts belong to the same person or to different people. If you only have one account and you follow these recommendations, you do not need to worry. In an extreme case, even if you have been blocked (temporarily), but you have followed all the recommendations — you will be able to confirm your identity, your account will be unlocked, and the growth of your contributions won’t be affected. That’s why you should play fair, keep calm! We’re on your side and God on our Side!


If you are a beginner and still haven’t understood all functions of your Personal Office (PO) you can ask your upline to help you with your account. Never share your PO email & password. But in any case you do not give anyone the password of your PO. You have to follow these recommendations for your own safety. The Community members should understand that the GIVERS FORUM recommendations defend the interests of the participants in order to ensure steady work and stable payments. In GIVERS FORUM, money is redistributed among the Community members only. Being honest is the main priority for the Community because GIVERS FORUM was created not for getting richer but to make financial relations between people fairer so that many more people can own their own houses and at least live above POVERTY LINE.

Justice, kindness and honesty in the modern world are not a myth and fantasy any more, GIVERS FORUM has made them reality!

TOGETHER we can change the world!!! Long live GIVERS FORUM! Long Live FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA!!!